Adrian Simo – LMT, MSATC

My interest in massage began as an adolescent. After I graduated high school in 1994, I began studying massage therapy. I graduated from Educating Hands School of Massage and became licensed in 1995. I have taken courses to further my education in massage therapy including: neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, and deep tissue therapy among others. I have accrued master skills in massage and have incorporated them with my knowledge of sports medicine to create a massage for athletes and those with soft tissue injuries that has proven to be highly effective. In the past year, I have learned a revolutionary healing technique and developed a new massage technique to alleviate low back pain.

In 2000 and 2002 I earned my bachelors and masters degrees in athletic training from FIU. During the past 17 years, I have treated all kinds of athletes including NCAA, NFL, NBA, AVP (pro beach volleyball), ATP and WTA (pro tennis), jai-alai, baseball, CrossFit, runners and tri-athletes. My intimate knowledge of sports medicine has made my sports massage clients appreciate the treatments I can provide them.

My interest in healing with massage therapy has increased in the past years as I have been able to combine my massage and sports medicine techniques to provide improve athletic performance and decrease injury time. I specialize in pain relief massage and proudly do so without making the client sore the next day.

My work with a physical therapy clinic was twofold- as an athletic trainer and massage therapist. During that time, my rehabilitation knowledge increased as I treated patients with all kinds of injuries, specializing in athletes. Preventive medicine is just as crucial to active people as immediate first aid and physical therapy. I have honed this trio of medical skills for 17 years as an allied health practitioner. As a massage therapist, I successfully used sports massage, deep tissue, myofascial/trigger point treatments and other therapeutic modalities to rehabilitate athletic injuries. As a certified athletic trainer I have used these skills to enhance my abilities to heal and prevent injuries. Most recently, I have had a high success rate with distance race athletes.