I have never had a professional Massage – What should I expect?

On your first visit, your massage therapist should do an intake – asking questions about your general health, specific injuries and whether you are under a doctor’s care. They may also ask you to stand or walk around and let them watch you to identify any imbalances. This is the time for you to ask any questions you have for the therapist. The entire process should only take a few minutes. It should not substantially cut into your massage time.

The therapist will then give you instructions on how they want you on the table (face up/down etc.) They should be out of the room while you are changing.

The massage room should be clean, private and quiet.  Music, candles, aroma therapy, or soothing sounds may be provided by the client.  If you have a special lotion or cream you like to use on your skin, bring it and I will incorporate it into the massage it.

During the massage

If you are getting a massage for feel-good relaxation, there should be little or no talking. For deep tissue work the therapist will probably be checking in with you to make sure you are tolerating the work and to remind you to breathe and relax. I will sometimes use light conversation to distract my clients when I am doing very deep work.

As the client, you control the massage – talk / no talk – music / no music / different music – scents / no scents – deeper / lighter. If you are in any way uncomfortable – speak up. Don’t ever suffer in silence. Make your wishes known.

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