Adrian Simo performed a sports massage on me about a month ago. I told him in my pre-massage consultation that I have had spine surgery and I was having a lot of problems with scar tissue and it was causing me to not perform at my full potential. He spent a lot of time on and around my scar and instantly it felt so much better. I also addressed with him that with playing softball that my rotator cuff muscles get very sore from a lot of throwing and if he could tend them a good amount of attention that it would be awesome. Aside of the back and rotator cuff he massaged the rest of my body. My legs and feet felt amazing afterwards due to his sports knowledge and technique. Since the massage, the scar tissue has decreased and my flexibility in my back, legs and rotator cuff has tremendously increased. I owe it to Adrian because he knew exactly how to move and rub each muscle to be able to improve my performance. My performance on the field has improved because I can move more smoothly due to my limitations decreasing because of Adrian. He was great and I would love another opportunity to be worked on again. I highly recommend him to any athlete and team because I know first hand experience that he can improve performance just by doing his job.

Kelsey GrabiakFIU Women's Softball

I have been receiving massages by Adrian for about a year.  His treatments have helped me heal faster from previous injuries and recover after grueling workouts and events. As a triathlete, my body is always in a state of constant recovery.  My times have improved since I started with Adrian.  The massages help me remain loose, reduce recovery time, and be able to train at a higher level.  His intimate knowledge of sports medicine has allowed me to remain healthy through his stretches and sports massage techniques.  I recently competed in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.  Adrian’s treatments were key in allowing me to reach such an important milestone in my athletic career.  His sports massages were so effective that I tried to bring him to Kona as the sports massage therapist for our 30 person team.  I will continue to use his services to help improve my athletic performance.

Andres I TorresMark Allen Online Elite Triathlon Team